Ultimate BenchPress Theory (English ver.)


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This is Ultimate BenchPress Theory by Kodama Daiki and Midote Daisuke

Are you interested in Japanese style benchpress?

As you might be known Japanese lifters have special form and lift big bench even though they are not so muscular.

Yes, they have special technique of benchpress. This book will help you to understand their technique.

Road to the true Champion

Kodama Daiki - IPF 14 times World Champion Benchpress also IPF Hole of Fame, Daisuke Midote - World champion Powerlifting also World Games Champion speak true "BenchPress"

This is not mere technique book but true theory leads to benchpress champion also any other sport.


Daiki Kodamas Benchpress Theory・・・3

1. Find the best bottom position with minimal stretch position・・・3

2. Lie down close to where a barbell wont hit the rack・・・4

3. Leave some allowance on shoulder blades without contacting too much・・・6

4. Bend your wrist to hold a barbell right above shoulder blades・・・7

5. Use grip to brake lowering a barbell・・・9

6. Hold on your thighs where to receive direct power from pelvis・・・10

Benchpress Lecture by Daisuke Midote

・Lie down position・・・17

・Setting rack height・・・18


・Consciousness of shoulder blades・・・23


・Foot position and how to hold on・・・30


・Receiving position・・・36

・Descent of a barbell・・・38

・Touch & Go・・・40

・How to Press・・・41

・Eye level and breathing・・・42

・『Daisuke Midote x Daiki Kodama Training Trivia』

・Training frequency・・・45

・How to determine the number of reps, sets and weight setting・・・46

・Assistance exercise・・・47

・Relationship between equipped and raw・・・48

・Supplement and food・・・49

・Taking care of body・・・50


Daisuke Midote

No LimitsGym Owener

・Squat 400kg, Benchpress 300kg, Total 1000kg record breaker Japanse at first.

・A holedr of 4 world championships: World Equipped Powerlifting, World Equipped Benchpress(6 times), World Games, Arnold Sport Festival PRO BENCH(2 times)

・Equipped National Powerlifting 20 times winner, Equipped National Benchpress 18 times winner

・Best Record(old 125kg Class):S435kg B360kg D320kg T1060kg

Daiki Kodama

K's GYM Owner

・IPF Hall of Fame

・World Equipped Benchpress 12 times winner, World Classic 2times winner, Arnold Sport Festival PRO BENCH winner Pacific Invitational Classic Powerlifting winner, Arnold Classic Africa Equipped and Classic Benchpress winner

・Bes Lifter IPF Worls Equipped Benchpress, Best Lifter IPF World Classic Benchpress 2 times

・Best Rebord(74kg):Equipped Benchpress 300.5kg(World, Asia, Japan Record), Classic Benchpress 220.5kg(Japan Record), Classic Benchpress Three Lift 211.5kg(World, Asia, Japan Record)

・Best Record(83kg) Classic Benchpress 211kg (World, Asia, Japan Record)


book ver. limited Kodama Daiki Special Autograph

This book has Kodama Daiki original autograph for loving benchpress lifters.