ONI Deadlift Socks PRO


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Next-generation Footwear for Enhanced Stability, Unleashing the Natural Movement of the Feet and Improving Records

Enhanced Stability Design Throughout the Shoe

Utilizes polyester properties across the entire foot area, providing stability effects not only on the sole but also on the top and sides of the foot, enhancing the foot's natural movements.

Wide Toe Box

A spacious toe area allows for natural foot function without compromising performance.

Moisture-Wicking, Antibacterial, Odor-Resistant

Provides dry and comfortable wear for the entire leg. Equipped with antibacterial and odor-resistant features for enhanced comfort.


All designed for performance improvement. Developed under the supervision of Mr. Wataru Kobayakawa, a legendary powerlifting lifter who has won the All-Japan Powerlifting Championships 14 times. With the cooperation of top level lifters for fitting trials, numerous samplings were conducted to achieve the perfect fit and functionality around the toes.

Product Specifications





85% Polyester

12% Nylon

3% Polyurethane

Sales Unit Pair (Left and Right)
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Please note (disclaimer)

Rubber is not used on the sole, making it compliant with powerlifting rules. However, judges may subjectively determine that it cannot be used if it does not comply with the rules. In such cases, please explain to the judges that the model complies with the rules as it does not use rubber on the sole.

The footwear has slip-resistant properties. Please be careful not to slip when putting on or taking off the shoes.

There may be a manufacturing error of approximately 1cm in various parts of the actual product, even if they are the same size.

The color of the actual product may differ from the color shown in the product images on the monitor.

The logo printed on the product may have some misalignment or distortion.