ONI Wrist Wraps XX 2019 IPF approved Pair


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The HIGHEST GRADE Stiff Wrist Wraps with PERFECT FIT lead you to the TOP of the WORLD!

Are you going to compete in Powerlifting, especially Bench Press and looking for a better support for your wrists while training with heavy weight?

The ONI Wrist Wraps XX are the BEST CHOICE for you!

Wrists are shaking and wobbling while training with heavy weight?

Be bothered by snapping backwards and going from side to side?

Have tried other stiff wrist wraps but the stiff material cut into your wrists and felt uncomfortable?

Then you definitely have to check out the ONI Wrist Wraps XX!

The ONI Wrist Wraps XX are designed for those who compete in world class powerlifting!

The ONI Wrist Wraps are made with proprietary stiff XX material, which provide PERFECT SUPPORT for your wrists!

In its reverse side, stylish designed Non-slip rubber is placed to prevent the loose fit drawback of stiff material, and keep the PERFECT FIT for your wrists!

With the layer of the Non-slip rubber, the wrist wraps are way THICKER, which STABILIZE your wrists and PREVENT WRIST STRAIN.

Wraps Direction

To let the athletes see the differences between the left- and right-hand wrist wraps, the direction of the thumb loop is the same with logo. Therefore, by checking the direction of logo, you can distinguish which one is left or right.

How to choose the size? Which size is suitable for you?


  • Athletes who bench more than 200kg
  • Feeling your wrists painful while doing bench press


  • Athletes who bench more than 300kg, especially for those who compete in equipped bench press
  • Feeling your wrists EXTREMELY painful while doing bench press


Product Specifications

Width: 8cm

Size:70cm, 99 cm(the length of the Velcro is included length tolerance(1-2cm)occurs due to the elasticity of the fabric)

Competition: Able to be used for all powerlifting and bench press competitions.