ONI Knee Sleeves PRO Pair 2023 IPF Approved


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New IPF-approved from January 2023

Next Generation Knee Sleeve for Squat Best Records

1 Outstanding rebound with next generation fabrics

Knee sleeve rebound occurs when the back fabrics are crushed against each other in the bottom position of a squat.

If the fabrics are not stiff enough at this time, they will not be able to withstand the weight of the squat and rebound will not be obtained. This is the reason why knee sleeves used in powerlifting are stiffer than commercial knee supports.

The ONI Knee Sleeve PRO fabric focuses on this mechanism and uses the highest hardness fabric approved within the current IPF rules for the rear of the product, providing exceptional rebound in the bottom position of the squat that surpasses existing powerlifting knee sleeves. The advent of this fabric represents a generational shift in knee sleeves in powerlifting.

2 Strong lateral support

The stretchy fabric on the front side and the two lines reinforced by adhesive stitching provide unprecedented strong lateral support to the knee area.

Competitors with a medium or wide stance will especially benefit from this.

3 Lean size construction

Under the supervision of Wataru Kobayakawa, a 13-time winner of the All Japan Powerlifting Championships and a legend in the Japanese powerlifting world, and with the cooperation of leading athletes who have tried this product, we have conducted extensive testing to a size structure that allows the direct transmission of power without unnecessary deflection of the fabric.

About sizes

The sizes shown below are approximate. We recommend trying on at a store. In any case, we do not recommend choosing a smaller size.

Guideline by weight class

S: up to 66kg class

M: 66kg-83kg class

L: 83kg-105kg class

XL: 105kg and up

Guideline for Comparison with Other Companies' Products If you are currently using Inzer Ergo Pro

In case of a true fit: 1 size up (Company I M = ONI L)

In case of loose fit: same size

If you are currently using  SBD

Tight fit: 2 sizes up (Company S M=ONI XL)

For a snug fit, go up one size (Company S M=ONI L)

Product Specifications

Thickness 7mm Neoprene
Height Front 28.5cm
Height Back 27.0cm
Size S, M, L, XL
Sales Unit 1 pair of left and right
Available Powerlifting All Competitions
Product Warranty 90 days after product arrival

Caution (Disclaimer)

*Each part of the actual product may have a manufacturing error of approximately 1 cm even if they are the same size.

*The color of the actual product and the color of the product image through the monitor may differ.

*The logo printed on the product may have deviations or distortions.

*There is a smell peculiar to adhesives, but this smell will disappear if the product is exposed to an electric fan for a day or two.

*The deodorant finish can remove the fish smell but it cannot remove the smell of the neoprene itself.