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Bothered by SLIPPING on the Bench? Bothered by BAR ROLLING while Squatting?

Here you ll find the best solution for all lifters alike!

The ONI Grip T-shirt! The Amazing Grip T-shirt!

Super Non-slip Material with stylish design on the back, which gives the T-shirt the amazing grip on the bench and while squatting!

For Bench press, it works great to prevent slipping during your Bench workouts!

With this grip T-shirt, you can keep the height of your arch and your laying down position on the bench!

Specifically recommended for those who have a high arch and use leg drive when training their bench press!

Wear this grip T-shirt, focus on your bench training without being bothered by slipping anymore!

For Squatting, the grip portion will keep the barbell firmly in place on your back!

Never again will annoyances of constant bar rolling problems during squatting that troubles you!

With the stable bar feeling, you can squat more!

So, What are you waiting for?

Get the Oni Grip T-shirt, be a stronger you!

This T-shirt is designed to be a loose fit to let you feel comfortable with wearing it.

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Grip T-shirt is not available to IPF competition.