Bench Press Supporter


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Bench press supporter will give you 30-40kg more assistance with bench press

Bench press supporter is made from softer single ply material than the Oni launcher.

Caff around size(Product size)

S 30cm
M 32cm
L 34cm
XL 36cm
XXL 38cm
XXXL 40cm


We recommend to use poly bag if you can't wear on elbow or on upper arm. The best effective position is on elbow but it needs experience to control a barbell.

Wearing on upper arm is more safty, less effective than on elbow. We never recommend to wear on forearm.

Sizing for begginer by body weight

L under 74kg
XL 74kg-93kg
XXL 93kg-105kg
XXXL over 105kg



Sizing for experienced lifter by body weight

S under 66kg
M 66kg-74kg
L 74kg-93kg
XL 93kg-105kg
XXL 105kg-120kg
XXXL over 120kg



You can wear Bench press supporter on elbows or on upper arms with poly bag easily.

First, narrow grip benchpress to strech material. After that wider grip gradually with high arch. When grip and arch are same to your own benchpress, Bench press supporter assists rebound.

You never use Bench press supporter without partners and high safety.

We never accept to exchange by the reason you can't use this product. We recommend to practice according to our how to use.


When you are using the Benchpress Supporter, the safety arms must be enough high position with some spotters. We are not responsible for any trouble that may occur.